Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hunting agates on the Yellowstone River Montana

The first week in October we headed for Glendive, Montana. If you're looking for Montana Moss Agate Glendive is the center of the universe, ground zero. The Yellowstone River takes a sharp bend to the north at Glendive. Lots of rock and gravel have pile up on the river in long rock bars. The Montana moss agates are found mixed in with banded quartzite, petrified wood, chert and other hard stones. The river grinds up most of the softer stone long before it reaches Glendive. Yellowstone Park is over 300 miles to the east. Much of the granite and basalt is reduced to sand by the action of the river. The shore lines and islands are open to the public up to high water mark. Only problem is you cannot trespass on private property to reach the river. Stay posted and I'll tell a few secrets to help you access the good agate hunting areas of the river.


  1. I've hunted agates in ND,Montana and now Oregon....Can't get enough of them...

  2. Pretty sure Yellowstone Park is to the west of Glendive, not the east.

  3. Do u only find them near water?